Friday, October 16, 2015

New Submissions: 3rd Party, TFCC and Masterpiece

David Aguero has been a HUGE help getting various sections of the Database full. He has submitted more scans than anyone else and while I appreciate every scan that is sent my way, David has gone above and beyond. I've actually been sitting on these images for awhile now, but with TFCon Charlote around the corner (i.e. this weekend) I figured now is a great time to get some new content added. By the way, make sure to check out David's own awesome Transformers blog, Transformers Obsession.

Reminder: All of these images have been added to their respective categories. Many of the images there have been enlarged or may be clicked on to view larger images.

These Warbotron "Combaticons" look so impressive. I actually have all of them in hand minus Fierce Attack, which after this weekend I'll finally own. Been hard not opening these toys.

Combiner Wars Motormaster. Why this guy has been so hard for people to find across U.S. retail I'll never understand. I ended up finding mine in Winston-Salem, NC while traveling from work. Too bad the other Stunticons didn't get the card treatment.

I was really glad to see these card images in the group that David sent over. As much as I wanted to own the Ratbat toy, I really didn't want to plunk down the money for Soundblaster.

From Botcon 1995 comes Buzzclaw and Dirge, two of the first ever exclusives from Fun Publications. Personally I liked the quirky Fuzor mold that was used and the darker color scheme really made these figures.

When Fun Publications put together the Transformers Collector's Club one of their first club exclusive figures was Astrotrain. The design was taken from a canceled Universe release. I'm not sure if they ended up producing too many samples or if the figure just didn't sell that well. 

From Botcon's 2007 set, Games of Decepticon comes Springer, Mirage, Bugbite and Dreadwind. This was the last Botcon I attended and the box set was one of my favorites for many, many years.

The free figure for being a member of the Transformers Collector's Club in 2010 was none other than Dion. *yawns*

2011 brought more Shattered Glass Botcon exclusives, such as Galvatron. Love the mold that was used, but Galvatron as a helicopter? No thanks.

Botcon 2014 introduced some odd themes to Transformers. One of the Knights was Alpha Trizer. Yeah, I'm not too familiar with him either.

The Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service 3.0 contained more new characters based on previously used molds. Being that I also grew up w/ GI Joe the Serpent O.R. figure appeals to me.