Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Overdue Update

We are finally back with a real update to the Database! Thanks goes out again to all of the visitors of the site, both here and on Facebook as well as the contributors. This time around we have more submissions from regulars David Aguero and Benson Yee.



David Aguero is back in force with many new submissions, including Heroes of Cybertron, Binaltech Masterpiece and KT Figure Collection.


I recently sold the mold mate of Piston and realized that I never scanned this card for the Database!

Benson Yee of BWTF.com dropped off a few images of the new TFCC Subscription series TFs as well as the much sought after Combiner Wars Groove. 

Thank you so much for the latest submissions. I've already got a few more in the que for the next update so stay tuned!