Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3rd Party Reader Submissions

Roy Madill posted a few new images on the Facebook page for the Database, but someone I overlooked these. Sorry Roy!! I do appreciate your help, especially in the 3rd Party category.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Titans Return Update

Thanks to Jesse Frank Costar on Facebook, he's been hooking me up with several new Titans Return bio cards. Below are just a few of the cards that I've been able to scan and edit for the Database thus far.

I ended up skipping over Alpha Trion in favor for Lio Convoy that Takara Tomy released in their Legends series, so I'm glad to at least own the card.

I had every intention on picking up the Takara Tomy Legends version of Astrotrain, but I've yet to do so at this point. Needless to say its good to have the Hasbro card if nothing else.

I wonder if we'll get the other G1 Powermasters in the Titans Return line. I know this change bothers some fans, but if the figure is done well then I could care less.

I was recently able to finally find Broadside at local retail and what a wonderful figure he is. Hard to believe he and Alpha Trion share the same base mold.

I splurged and bought the Takara Tomy Legends version of Fortress Maximus so I was more than willing to purchase this card.

I've got enough Megatrons in my collection so I passed on this one. Besides, we all know this mold was meant for Blitzwing!

Optimus has had a lot of alt modes. Truck, gorilla, race car, t-rex, bullet why not a plane? Yes, this mold was meant for Octane, but the designers pulled out a decent Optimus.

I've still yet to find Sky Shadow at local retail, but I wasn't planning to buy him (waiting for Overlord) so I was happy that Frank had this card for sale.

How did I not get this card scanned before now? Sorry, I refuse to call him anything other than Weirdwolf.

While I've been working on adding new items to my eBay store, I recently decided to open my sealed Beast Wars Megatron. If nothing else I got to see if the deco on the figure differed from the US release (it does) and I got another bio card for my collection...and for the Database.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Masterpiece Brave Added

Before Takara gave Transformers the Masterpiece treatment, several Brave characters underwent the change. I don't know much about these toys and I don't own any, but I had the chance to buy these cards off a fellow collector years ago.

Like with many of Takara's items, Sonokong released them in parts of South Korea and those releases had different cards included.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Supplies more Titans Return Scans

I can't believe it's been over 30 days since my last update. Work has been a beast and gobbled up most of my free time (that and playing the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch!), but Benson Yee from has come through yet again with some Titans Return scans.

I don't understand how some people are building an army of Sharkticons as I've only seen one in person. I'm glad Ben sent over this scan as I'm on the fence whether to open mine or not. At least the Takara Tomy Legends version has now been announced.

Ever since I sold my 3rd party Hexatron figure I've been waiting for an official update for Sixshot. 

Hey look, it's another version of Bumblebee!

Up until the Takara Tomy Legends version was announced, I loved this update of Hot Rod. One of the better looking Titans Return figures. The art used for his packaging/card is also great.

While I'm not always a fan of classic G1 characters being renamed, this is one of those rare cases where I'm happy with the new name. Love the Monsterbots, hope the other two get the same treatment.

Chaos on Velocitron. Too bad the box set didn't come with individual character cards.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Galaxy Force

The end of the month is always a hectic time for me at work, but I was able to squeeze in a few scans of more Galaxy Force cards from my collection. Enjoy!

First Aid GC-11

Skids GC-12

Autolander GC-13

Fang Wolf GC-14

Saidos GC-15

Live Convoy GC-18

I still think the Galaxy Force cards are some of the best looking toy pack in cards from across all the various Transformers releases. What do you think? Do you love these or prefer the cards from other releases?