Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Massive G1 Update

Anytime I have someone willing to take their time to scan and e-mail card images to me for this project, I'll gladly accept...especially with it's Generation 1 content I don't have. David Aguero comes through again in a big time with lots of G1 and e-Hobby bio cards from various Takara reissues. Some of these I own I just haven't scanned while some of these came with figures that I've always wanted (Fire Guts for example). All of these cards have been filed away in their proper category asd well. David sent over a lot of other good stuff that I'll be working on getting ready next. Enjoy.

Ultra Magnus C-69

Rodimus Convoy C-77

Wheeler C-80

Stepper C-109

Hot Rodimus C-110

Cha C113

Broadcast C-116 (eHobby exclusive)

 Nucleon Quest Super Convoy C-307X (TRU Japan exclusive)

God Ginrai C-310 

Fire Guts God Ginrai C-310E (eHobby exclusive)

Star Convoy C-372

 Convoy 01

 Hound 02

 Sideswipe 04

Meister 06

 Streak 08

 Prowl 10

 Inferno 10

Bumble 14

 Drag 14

 Tracks 44

Smokescreen 45 

 Hoist 46

 Powerglide 62

Guardian Robot 64 (eHobby exclusive)

Orion Pax & Dion 67 (eHobby exclusive)

 G1 GoBots (eHobby exclusive)

 Gears 85

 Adams 86

Warpath 87 

 Road Hauler 88 (eHobby exclusive)

Tigertrack 90 (Figure King magazine exclusive) 

Clampdown 91 (eHobby exclusive) 

 Deep Cover 92 (eHobby exclusive)

 Road Rage 94 (eHobby exclusive)

Crosscut 95 (eHobby exclusive)

Skids 96

Ironhide 05 (Encore) 

 Ratchet 06 (Encore)

 Sky Lynx 07 (Encore)

 Trailbreaker 13 (Encore)

 Steeljaw 17 (Encore)

 Ramhorn 17 (Encore)

 Pepsi Convoy

Overlord D-307

 Megatron 16 Special

 Soundwave 17

 Jaguar 19

 Laserbeak 20

 Starscream 22

 Starscream (eHobby exclusive)

 Astrotrain 48

 Galvatron D-62-S

 Flipsides 65 (eHobby exclusive)

 Magnificus 68 (eHobby exclusive)

 Sunstorm 89 (eHobby exclusive)

 Sixshot D-98

 Soundblaster D-101

Condor D-106

 Ratbat 17 (Encore)

Slugfest 17 (Encore)

 Glyph (OTFCC exclusive)

Tap-Out (OTFCC exclusive)