ToyWorld was one of those new comers that completely impressed me. Their first release was a update of the G1 Throttlebot, Rollbar. Grindrod seemed to fade into obscurity only for years later to be announced that all the figures in the series would be a combiner! They followed up that release with Hegemon, an awesome update to G1 Megatron. Since then they have also released their take on the mighty G1 Dinobots as well.

 Hegemon TW-01

Orion TW-02

Bii TW-03

 Hardbone TW-H01

Brainwave TW-H-02

 Infinitor TW-H04

Grant TW-H04G

 Aurora TW-T02

Trace TW-T03

Roar TW-D01

Muddy TW-D02

Grimshell TW-D03

 Iron Dreg TW-D04

Spear TW-D05

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