Friday, December 23, 2016

Submission Update: G1, 3rd Party & More

Some friends of the project have chipped again to supply some more images for the Database. This go around we have a good mixture of things and we'll start off with some much needed content for the 3rd Party section. These have been graciously provided by David Aguero.

Following up David's 3rd Party submissions, we have some more Titans Return scans, Combiner Wars, Robot Masters, some interesting Beast Wars Collection cards, Beast Wars Telemocha and a few cards from the blind packaged collectible figures.

Ben Yee ( steps in yet again with more Titans Return cards. Since I'm not buying much of Hasbro's versions of these toys I really appreciate the help in this category.

A good friend of mine, Arkvander, sent me some very nice scans of his Brestforce team. I'm missing two of the six boxes so I wasn't able to provide these myself.

U.NEM Studios provided a few G1 cards as well!

Thanks again for all of the submissions everyone. With the continued help the database just continues to grow for everyone's enjoyment.