Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beastformers Represent!

From the planet Beast, the Beastformers played a role in the Japanese Headmasters series...if it was just one episode. I personally love this tie-in and the toys themselves. While I do have several boxed specimens in my collection, finding these toys let alone the cards can be challenging these days. I recently came across a few new boxed Beastformers and some better scans of cards I already had. The Beastformers section has already been updated with the scans below.

 #03 Golder (Ferocious Tiger)

 #04 Flykick (Colonel Bird)

#18 Yellow Giraffe (Rubberneck Giraffe)

#02 Big Serow (Deer Stalker) 

 #16 Bea Fox (Sly Fox)

 #42 Underground (Miner Mole)

 #60 Baboon (Manic Mandrill)

 #21 Bowdog (Danger Dog)

#05 Killer Fish (Killer Carp)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3rd Party Reader Submissions

Roy Madill posted a few new images on the Facebook page for the Database, but someone I overlooked these. Sorry Roy!! I do appreciate your help, especially in the 3rd Party category.