One of the first 3rd party companies on the scenes, iGear started off with a sketchy reputation as many of their items were reversed engineered from actual Takara Tomy products. Since, they have gone on to create several products ranging from Classics upgrades to Masterpiece scaled figures.

Faith PP01

Attack PP03A

Elegy PP03E

Jet PP03J

Medical Specialist PP05M

 Patrol Specialist PP05P

Weapon Specialist PP05W


Spray MW-01

M.A.N.A.T.E.E. MW-01B

Rager MW-02

Hench MW-03


Cogz MW-05

Duneraker MW-06

Veer MW-07

Bushwacker MW-08

Shark Attack Squad

Cyber-Shark IG-TF005B

 Brody IG-TF005

 Hooper IG-TF005

Quint IG-TF005

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