How You Can Help!

"Can I help?" 

Yes you can! While I already have a lot of cards from the various G1 reissues, Beast Wars, Micron Densetsu and Galaxy Force releases, there are a lot of items I don't have. Even a lot of the 3rd party releases these days come with cards. Eventually I may even add a section for non toy related TF trading cards like the G1 Milton Bradley set or the Fleer Armada set. If you have any bio cards lying around and have a scanner, send me a quick e-mail letting me know what you have.

1) I prefer the images to be scans as opposed to pictures taken with a camera, however I'll take what I can get at the moment. Need front and back images please.

2) Scans should be at least 96-100 DPI. I'm not worried about the size of the image as I'll re-size it to approximately 225 x 320.

3) When submitting the images, please let me know how you'd like to be given credit. Should I use your real name or an online alias? Credit will be given in the initial post and listed in a forthcoming credit section on the page.

4) Have fun!


  1. whats your email for this site? I scanned what I own, that I did not see on your site.