G1 Victory

1989's continuation of Super-God Masterforce in Japan. This series featured Brainmasters, Multiforce and Galaxy Shuttle pitted against the Destron Breastforce, Dinoforce and Crossformers.

 Dashtaker C-317

Machtackle C-318

Landcross C-319

 Greatshot C-325

Victory Leo C-327

Victory Saber C-328

 Goryu D-322

 Gairyu D-323

 Kakuryu D-324

Doryu D-325

 Yokuryu D-326

Rairyu D-327

Dinoking D-328

 Leozack D-329

 Guyhawk D-330

 Hellbat D-331

 Jallguar D-332

 Killbison D-333

Drillhorn D-334

Liocaesar / Liokaiser D-335

Deszaras / Deathsaurus D-336


  1. Awesome! Is this the page that used to be called, The international Tech Specs Archive?

    1. No, but that was a great resource. This is just one fan (me) and showing his love of the Transformers brand.