Sunday, January 31, 2016

Massive Submission Update!

This side project of mine continues and continues to grow, both in actual content for the Database as well as Facebook page likes. I had hoped to find more time to scan the stack of cards I have, however where I haven't been able to supply new content, views like David Aguero and Brandon Yap (heroic_decepticon) have stepped in with submissions for this update.

As a reminder, if you bought a new toy that comes with a trading card sized tech spec card, we could probably use the image! If you have a scanner you can send me a quick scan of the card, minimum quality of 300 dpi...or just take a hi-res photo w/ your phone and send it on over to me. I'll be more than happy to give you credit by your name, screen name, alias, handle, or whatever you go by. If you have a Transformers related website or blog I'll link over to that as well on the Contributors section. I can't do this all on my own so I'll accept any submission regardless if it's one card or 100 cards!

Now, back to the current update. Brandon Yap noticed the other day that I was lacking card images of the G1 Japanese exclusive dino cassettes and Artfire! Always happy to get new G1 scans, especially the cassettes since the images I have currently in the Database were from the set of KO cassettes I purchased a few years ago. Out w/ the old, and in w/ the "new".

David Aguero from Transformers One Mans Obsession, he had been sending over several images lately and I just haven't had the time to get all of what he sent organized and ready to post...until now! I owe a huge thanks to both Brandon and David for the continued help.

Brandon sent over images of the vintage cards from the elusive Japanese exclusives Artfire as well as the dino cassette combiners! A friend previously submitted Stepper so it's nice to have the two exclusive Targetmasters "reunited" again. While the dino cassette toys themselves (I think) leave a lot to be desired, I love the art work and I'm thrilled to be able to add these to the Database. 

David Aguero sent the rest of the cards in this update from here on out. I'm so behind on opening my Masterpiece toys. I think I have 11 or 12 to open going all the way back to Ultra Magnus! Anyhow, I'm loving the new art style on the MP cards.

Combiner Wars!!

I don't know a lot about these Japanese Beast Wars cards, but appears as if it's part of a board or card game. I've got a few of these to scan as well.

I knew that Sonokong had released some of the Galaxy Force toys in parts of Korea, but what I didn't know was the card front was replaced with a lenticular image! While these are hard to scan, they look great in hand.

Sometime after the release of the 3rd live action Transformers movie, a company called Goldie Marketing released these blind packaged little PVC figures. Each figure came packaged with a small bio card and on the back was a puzzle piece of a lenticular image of G1 Optimus Prime or G1 Megatron. These were usually found in the trading card aisle of Target stores in the U.S. I also believe they are sold individually on blister cards and in little gift set like boxes.

These series of Dinobots is always hard to place in terms of their release. Are they apart of the Armada universe or are they just a stand alone series? Well anyhow like the Armada toys came packaged with character stickers, these Dinobot toys came with stickers as well.

Unique Toys continues to impress me with their releases. I too have the whole Ordin set that is just waiting to be opened (and possibly reviewed on my toy blog, Random Toy Reviews).

I personally never got behind Fans Toys' Dibots, but I've been very impressed with them.

I don't buy much of Mastermind Creations' releases myself so I'm glad to be able to add some more card images from this popular 3rd party company.

So I hear that Apollyon is supposed to be the end all figure when it comes to a Masterpiece scaled G1 Megatron. Personally I'm waiting for Takara Tomy to take on the character again in the new MP scale.

iGear, RIP

Warbotron's version of Bruticus was finally completed with the release of Fierce Attack

More FansProject

I ended up trading my complete set of TFC's Uranos for Warbotron's take on Bruticus. Sadly I never scanned the cards before I traded them so I'm glad to at least have these 3 cards for the Database.

I snapped this picture of Voodoo Robot's newest release, Animus Stealth Mode at TFCon 2015 Charlotte last year. Since I never got around to doing a TFCon post on my toy blog, I figured it was time I shared this picture.

That about wraps up this latest update to the Transformers Bio Card Database. Remember, you can find all of the images above as well as many, many others in the various categories on the left side of our screen. Until next time...