Car Robots

Takara decided to take the Transformers franchise back to it's "roots" with 2000's Car Robots line. Many of the characters now had vehicular alternate modes as opposed to a animal mode. However many of the Decepticons (called Destrongers) still featured animal modes. The toy line consisted of new molds, re-used Generation 2 and Beast Wars and Machine Wars molds. A few previously unreleased molds were also used (Autolauncher & Autojetter).

 Super Fire Convoy C-001

J-Five C-012

J-Four C-014

 JRX C-015

Build Typhoon C-020

 Build King C-022

 God Magnus C-023

Brave Maximus C-027

Gigatron D-001

Guildo D-003

Black Convoy D-012

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