Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BWTF.com's Benson Yee Contributes!

Did you know that Benson Yee of BWTF.com has been a contributor of this project of mine since the beginning? He often will e-mail me scans of cards from Transformer toys, or like recently scans of blister card backs from older releases as well as Botcon tech specs. In fact, I partially created the backing card section because Benson had sent me several in the beginning. I appreciate everyone's help in making the Transformers Bio Card Database what it's slowly becoming! Make sure you check out his awesome Transformers site if you have already for news and great reviews of Transformer toys from just about every generation! Now if you'll excuse me, I can't wait to read the bios of the 2016 Botcon exclusives!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A few new random scans

The other day while at the local Target store, I decided to take another chance at one of these blind bagged collectible figurines...if nothing else I'd score a new card. While normally I don't get too excited about a new Bumblebee, I was glad it wasn't another Movie character!

A few weeks back when I had some extra time on my hands thanks to some breavement leave from work, I finally opened and assembled the Shinobi team from Transformers Go! The cards for two of the 3 members had previously been submitted, but Gekisoumaru wasn't added until today's update.

I was glad Hasbro decided to switch over from trading card sized stickers in Armada to actual trading cards for Energon. The only thing that would have made these better was to put the actual bios on the back of the cards.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reader Submission Overload!!

The support from everyone out there recently has been tremendous! So much that it's taken me quite a bit of time to be able to sit down and prepare this next update. I do admit I took a tiny break and took my wife on a cruise recently to finally celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (about 1 1/2 years late!), but I'm back and I'm ready to share some of this awesome new content I've been sent. Are you ready?

I don't buy a lot of the third party stuff (for different reasons), however I love how the majority of the companies produce cards for their releases. MakeToys however is one of the few that doesn't include a bio card with their figures. While on vacation I stumbled across these 6 images that appear to be fan made of what the cards would look like had MakeToys included them. The images are slightly smaller than your standard trading card, but they look fantastic so I thought I'd include these anyhow.

For starters let's head over to Hasbro's Combiner Wars. Love them or hate them, the bio-less cards packaged with most of the Combiner War toys have at least featured great art. Between the figures that I've bought and submissions, I believe I have most of the images already in this category...that was until the recent Generation 2 gift sets of Superion and Menasor were released. Ben Yee, from the awesome BWTF.com sent me these two images. I hadn't heard that the gift sets came with cards so this was a very nice surprise! Thank you so much Ben for thinking of me and this project.

The next onslaught of images come from fellow blogger and frequent contributor to this project, David Aguero. Make sure you give his awesome Transformers blog, Transformers Obsession, some love when you're done here!

It's funny that he should send these two cards as these two are the latest Combiner Wars figures I've picked up, but yet to open. I'll soon be changing my Battle Core Optimus Prime however into a G1 inspired Thunderclash.

Masterpiece G2 Bumble(bee). I'm still waiting for the inevitable Masterpiece Throttlebot Goldbug!

From Goldie Marketing's blind packaged PVC figures and cards, we have the movie version of Optimus Prime. Not sure if this is from series 1 or 2.

I already had a scan of iGear's Medical Specialist, but David provided a cleaner scan. Does anyone miss iGear and their 3rd party Transformer offerings?

Not staying 100% up to date on all the 3rd party offerings, some of these Mastermind Creations are new to me. I first got pics of the Nero Rex card thanks to my friend Danny at TFCon Charlotte last year, but now I have a proper hi-res scan to add to the Database.

I was impressed by ToyWorld very early on with their take on the G1 Throttlebots, but since I haven't bought much of their stuff. Their Dinobots really look impressive and I'm so glad to have these images. I'm not sure the significance of these beige background cards are, but they still feature some great art so why not included them?

The next group of scans comes from Optimal Omega. I probably stay in touch with him the most these days thanks to his great Transformers blog. Make sure to drop by and say hi as he does some great toy reviews with photography that makes me jealous!

I'm glad to have these Masterpiece scans as I am so backlogged in opening so many MP toys. I finally got around just last night to opening Ultra Magnus MP-22 and I think I still have 10+ others to open...and that's just counting what I have in hand. Got to get busy before the mailman comes and brings more!

The last group of scans comes from reader Kevin Gorman. He already had a good many Masterpiece and 3rd party cards scanned and organized in a Dropbox account and was nice enough to share his work with me and now with everyone else.

Always a good day when I get to add more Masterpiece card scans to the Database!

Fans Toys has been putting out some really (expensive) Masterpiece scaled figures and I'm really glad to have some of these represented.

Kevin had more KFC cassette card scan that I didn't have uploaded yet. Welcome to the Database HiFi.

And with that this wraps up the latest update to the Transformers Bio Card Database. A HUGE shout out and thanks to all of the contributors. Without you guys I wouldn't have been able to make this project of mine half of what it is. Until next time, keep the submissions coming!