Monday, May 25, 2015

Constructions and Soundblaster added to Encore

Two of the last Encore releases has been added to their respective place in the database. My childhood Constructions were sorely in need of an upgrade so I found the Encore giftset release to be the perfect option for me.

When Soundblaster was being re-released (he was first featured in the TF Collection) I was going to skip him...then it was revealed he would come with two new G1 inspired cassettes. Wasn't long after I found myself with a paid pre-order for him!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dr. Wu and Mech Ideas added to the 3rd Party section

I keep coming across stacks of cards from my own purchases that I need to scan, however I have more in front of me to work on than I do time it seems. I've added two new categories to the 3rd Party section of the database: Dr. Wu and Mech Ideas. While both sections only have one entry at this time, I'm hoping this will grow like the other categories have over time.

This Vanguard card came with a set up upgraded blasters for Classics Thundercracker. I regret not buying the other sets in this series now as they make the figure that much better and come with these awesome cards!

From the canceled Mach 5 release, Mech Ideas picked up both Gauntlet and Piston. Gauntlet here is heavily inspired by IDW's design of the Wrecker, Ironfist.

Keeping with the 3rd party theme, I finally found the other two "Insecticon" cards from FansProject.