Galaxy Force

Japan's version of Transformers Cybertron, the third and final installment in the Unicron Trilogy.

 Mystery Force Chip promo

 Galaxy Convoy GC-01

Exillion GC-02

Vector Prime GC-03

 Dreadrock GC-04

 Jackshot GC-05

 Backpack GC-06

Micron Team GC-07

Nitro Convoy GC-10

First Aid GC-11

 Skids GC-12

Autolander GC-13

 Fang Wolf GC-14

Saidos GC-15

 Ligerjack GC-16

 First Gunner GC-21

 Sonic Bomber GC-22

 Blurr GS-01

 Longrack GS-02

 Land Bullet GD-04

Runabout GS-02

Starscream (Korean)

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