Binaltech | Binaltech Asterisk

Shortly after Hasbro unveiled the Alternators line of transforming, licensed automobiles, Takara announced their version of the series. Called Binaltech, this series had ties to Generation 1 continuity and the toy themselves featured a lot of die-cast metal over the Alternator's plastic bodies.

Smokescreen BT-01

 Streak BT-03

Hound BT-04 

 Dead End BT-05

Tracks BT-06

 Smokescreen GT BT-07

 Ravage BT-11

 Laserwave BT-13

Wheeljack BT-14

The tail end of the Binaltech series branched off if you will and renamed, Binaltech Asterisk. Only 3 figures were released and with each release was a small PVC female figure. Non-articulated, they did have interchangeable legs to allow them to be seated inside the vehicles.

Alert meets AI BTA-01

Sunstreaker meets Junko BTA-02

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