For many Generation One fans, the Masterpiece toys are the definitive toy versions of the characters. The line has since come to the U.S., but only the Japanese releases come with these awesome cards.

 Convoy MP-1

Ultra Magnus MP-2

Megatron MP-5

Skywarp MP-06

Thundercracker MP-07

Black Convoy MP-10B

Starscream MP-11

Ramjet MP-11NR

Lambor MP-12

Lambor G2 ver. MP-12G

Tigertrack MP-12T

Soundwave MP-13

Condor MP-13

Soundblaster MP-13B

Ratbat MP-13B

 Alert MP-14

Clampdown MP-14C

Rumble & Jaguar MP-15

Frenzy & Buzzsaw MP-16

Prowl MP-17

Streak M-18

Bluestreak MP-18B

Silverstreak MP-18S

Smokescreen MP-19 

Wheeljack MP-20

 Bumble MP-21

Bumble G2 ver. MP-21G

Bumble red body MP-21R

Ultra Magnus MP-22

Exhause CMP-23

Star Saber MP-24

Tracks MP-25

Loudpedal MP-25L

Road Rage MP-26

Ironhide MP-27

Hot Rodimus MP-28

Delta Magnus MP-31

Convoy (Beast Wars) MP-32

Cheetus (Beast Wars) MP-34

Sunstreaker MP-39

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