Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warbotron makes it's debut

Earlier this year I made a trade for my complete TFC Uranos (not-Aerialbots) to a friend of mine for the upcoming Warbotron "not-Bruticus" set. Little did I know back in March that I would have to wait until October to get my hands on any of the toys. Well last weekend I finally got the first three figures that have been released, thus I have 3 new cards to add to the 3rd Party category! I may start working on reviews for these Warbotron toys as well over on my main site for those who are interested.

I also had a wedding to attend up in the mountains of NC this past weekend. My wife needed to stop at Walmart for a few things. After hitting the action figure aisle it was apparent to me that 1) either the pegs of Transformers were just restocked, or 2) there are no collectors living in Morganton, NC! I found certain Generations figures for the first time in person - Tailgate and Skrapnel as well as newest wave of deluxes. I opted for Windblade after my friends telling me how cool she is in the IDW comics. A review of her will be in the works as well.




Despite the misspelled words on Warbotron's packaging, these cards match the beauty of the toys themselves. Thick plastic cards, these look great in person and I can't wait to finish off the set.

I'm looking forward to catching up on my IDW reading so I can get a better sense as to who Windblade is. I've become really picky about what modern TFs I buy these days, ultimately choosing her since she is a new opposed to buying say Nightbeat that is found in the same wave.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Submissions: Car Robots, Warden and more

My good friend Arkvander recently sent me some card scans for a few Car Robots toys. I'm always grateful for any submissions, but especially when they are scans of cards I don't already own.







 Arkvander also sent me this scan of the black/white version of G1 Astrotrain.


 One of my biggest fans / supporters of this effort on Facebook has been Brad S. Russell. He too is a Transformer card collector like myself so when he told me he had an extra card of Perfect Effect's Warden, I quickly struck up a trade offer.

We also have a few more card backs to add to the database - Rattrap from the current Generations series along w/ 3 Dinobots from Transformers: Age of Extinction.



Monday, October 13, 2014

The biggest update yet!

I've been busy, working my scanner overtime! I still haven't even scratched the surface of the cards in my own collection, but here is another large batch of scans that are ready to be added to their respective categories - both bio cards and blister cards.

In an effort to save some time (this is tedious work you know!) I'll give you an idea of what has been added and just direct you to the categories you want to check out. Sound like a deal? Here we go in no particular order.



A few updates in the blister card section as well. This section will continue to undergo changes as images are submitted or as I find better ways to organize the images.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Arkvander comes through w/ some G1 card back scans

One day after announcing I was expanding the database to include full blister card backs, my buddy Arkvander shoots over some nice G1 scans to get the ball rolling. Bear with me as I still try and figure out the best way to organize and catalog these scans. Would you prefer to see the G1 scans broken up by year(s) or lumped into one large category? Please let me know your opinion by leaving a comment.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Through the gentle and suggestive pushes of a prominent member of the Transformers community, I've decided to slowly work in some full blister card back scans. These scans will have their own subsection underneath the category listings on the left. It'll be slow to expand as I'm still working on adding as many card scans as I possibly can, but I do find the blister card scans appropriate.

I've also added a new Botcon & TFCC category where the tech spec cards included with the Botcon, Collector's Club and Subscription Service will be cataloged.

Adding these new sections will require more work and effort on my part so I again ask for your assistance. Cards, Botcon related tech spec cards or fill blister card back scans are now welcomed. In the end I hope everyone finds these new additions helpful and it increases your enjoyment of this project.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Henkei! Beast Wars and more

I was a huge fan of the Classics line of toys. I bought just about every Hasbro release. Then in typical Takara fashion they took the line to the next level. More accurate paint apps, premium paint and of course collector cards. I made the transition to buying the Henkei! releases over the Hasbro releases almost instantly. I've got a lot more of the cards to scan, but here are a few for starters.

Bumblebee C-02

Ratchet C-14

Red Alert C-20

Smokescreen C-21


Ghost Starscream

Credit Card Campaign

Convoy C-01

Kuwugiger D-10

Notice the name in the background is in English? All of Takara's Beast Wars cards featured the English names as well.

Megatron D-40

I wasn't sure if I should try to scan the front side of the Beast Wars Metals cards since they feature lenticular images. These are probably some of my least favorite Beast era cards, but I'll include as many as I can find.

Tracks BT-06

I didn't feel the need to buy a lot of Binaltech, but Tracks was a must own...even in yellow. My affinity towards Corvettes goes back to my late father.

Black Convoy D-012

Oh boy, this card brings back lots of good memories. The Car Robots line was such a fun change of pace from the Beast era. The inclusion of G2 era molds to mix things up just made the line that much more fun.

Galaxy Convoy T.H.S.-01

I really wish Takara had kept the Hybrid line going longer than 2 figures. These toys just proved that good things can come in small packages.

Convoy T.H.S.-02B (eHobby exclusive)

This toy was purchased during my phase of "must buy any and all Transformers, especially exclusives".

Smokesniper RM-13

This was the last Robot Masters toy I needed to complete the collection. Still love this mold.

Optimus Prime P-001

Another Sega arcade card.

Thundercracker MP-07

The one Masterpiece toy I wanted to import, but didn't.