Mastermind Creations

It didn't seem to take long for Mastermind Creations to solidify themselves as one of the best 3rd party companies. Known for their excellent Feralcons, MMC has consistently delivered some of the best unofficial Transformers products.

Reformatted Series

Hexatron R-01

Talon R-02

Bovis R-03

Leo Dux R-04

Fortis R-05

Tigris R-06

Felisaber R-07

Feral Rex

Nero Rex 

Azalea R-08

Zinnia R-08Z

Eupatorium R-09

Salvia Prominon R-10

Cynicus R-12

Spartan R-13

Anarchus R-16

 Anubis R-18

Calidus R-27

Continuum Reformatted Series

Terminus Hexatron R-01C 

Grandus Hexatron R-01G

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