Monday, August 28, 2017

Sonic Drive-In: Wacky Packs featuring Transformers the Last Knight

The summer is full of blockbuster movies...and then there is what seems the semi-annual live action Transformers movie. With large summer movies comes licensing and promotions. Sonic Drive-In restaurants in the US were offering foil sticker packs in their Wacky Pack kids meals. The packs came in 8 different varietys and each pack contained 6 stickers.

I don't know how many stickers are in the set, but it appears most of the characters have one silver foil sticker and several white background stickers. I'm not a fan of the live action movies or the designs of the characters...but I figured some people may get a kick out of these.

Thanks goes out to for all of the images.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Transformers Kirakira Trading Cards

Japan, September 2010 saw the release of a set of Transformers Animated Kirakira trading cards. I remember HLJ having boxes of 20 packs for around $35 USD. Being the card collector that I am, I sprung for a box. I did a video of the box of cards on my toy blog several years ago, but I don't think I ever scanned the cards. 

I was lucky enough to be able to put one set together out of my box. At only 30 cards it's a small set, but it's beautiful. First off the card stock is really nice. I'm not sure of the thickness point, but its not a cheap cardboard. The cards have a glossy UV finish to them and each one has a light holofoil star look. Of course the scan didn't capture this, but believe me when I say these cards are so much good looking in hand.

Time isn't something that I have a lot of, so I scanned the cards in the 9 pocket pages I had them in. Perhaps if there is enough interest I'll redo the cards and scan them individually. For now however, enjoy! Keep in mind that the back of the cards are reversed in their order. For a larger image, click on any of the photos.

This last set of cards were promos of sorts or inserts that were randomly packaged. The cards were made for two different Sega Transformers games, Animated: The Chase and Animated: The Shooting. Of course these games were only released in Japan. I've seen other cards using this design elsewhere, but I haven't been able to acquire any to date. Some of these cards could be purchased at the arcade machine itself, while others were packaged with specially marked toys and other items.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beastformers Represent!

From the planet Beast, the Beastformers played a role in the Japanese Headmasters series...if it was just one episode. I personally love this tie-in and the toys themselves. While I do have several boxed specimens in my collection, finding these toys let alone the cards can be challenging these days. I recently came across a few new boxed Beastformers and some better scans of cards I already had. The Beastformers section has already been updated with the scans below.

 #03 Golder (Ferocious Tiger)

 #04 Flykick (Colonel Bird)

#18 Yellow Giraffe (Rubberneck Giraffe)

#02 Big Serow (Deer Stalker) 

 #16 Bea Fox (Sly Fox)

 #42 Underground (Miner Mole)

 #60 Baboon (Manic Mandrill)

 #21 Bowdog (Danger Dog)

#05 Killer Fish (Killer Carp)