Keith's Fantasy Club (KFC) entered the 3rd party market with their Masterpiece scaled cassettes. While not the most popular of the 3rd party companies, KFC hasn't been shy to tackle bigger projects such as their version of Ultra Magnus, Citizen Stack. In my opinion it appears they have learned from their past mistakes and are putting out some better products now.

Cassette Series

Retro CST-02

Justice Iron Paw CST-02J

Night Stalker CST-02NS

 SG B-Box CST-03X

SG Birdbomber CST-04X

Slam Tank CST-05J

Jet Dancer CST-06J

Badbat CST-07

HiFi CST-10

E.A.V.I. Metal Series

 Citizen Stack

D.A.I. Commander Stack


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