Beast Wars II

Instead of following what Hasbro was doing with Beast Wars, Takara decided to go a different direction. This exclusive series featured a new leader and a different cast of characters. All of the cards feature CGI character art over top a real world background photo.

Apache C-12

Bighorn C-13

Lioconvoy C-16

Bigmos C-17

Powerhug C-18

Mantis C-20

Drillnuts C-21

DJ C-23

Motorarm C-24

Gimlet C-25

 Liojunior C-26

Santon C-28

Moon S-2

Diver X-2

Ikard X-5

 Dirge D-14

Thrust D-15

Galvatron D-16

Autostinger D-17

Autostinger (Sonokong)

Autocrusher D-18

Autojetter D-19

Autolauncher D-20

Gigastorm D-22 (Sonokong)

Hellscream D-23

Max-B D-24

 Dirgegun D-25

Thrustor D-26

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