Friday, July 31, 2015

Botcon 2015

Given away at the 2015 Botcon Transformers Collector's Club, this exclusive card of the Mayhem Attack Squad. These characters are also getting the action figure treatment later this year as well.

I'm not sure who took the original image, but I "borrowed" it from Diam Choc's post on Facebook.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Turtler D-312

I just love how things spread through the fandom. While I do post my updates to this project on social media (namely Facebook and Twitter), I really wasn't sure how many people I was reaching. Everyone in awhile I'd get a Tweet favored and shared by Maz or someone else, but just how far reaching my work was I had no clue.

Well about a month ago I got an e-mail from Colin Pringle, aka Specimen-17 on eBay and in the various places online in the fandom. He was asking if I knew a fair price for the Seacon Turtler's bio card. Well it just happened to be one of the cards I needed for the database as the boxed Turtler I bought a few years ago was missing the bio card.

Colin graciously agreed to send over a copy of the scan before he found a buyer. Now if there was only a way for me to start printing my own cards. Hmm...