Friday, January 30, 2015

Update: Beast Wars (BWII, Telemocha), Henkei!, Binaltech, Kiss Players, Superlink, Galaxy Force, Sports Label, Robot Masters, TFCC

I've been working my scanner overtime and I still feel like I haven't even put a dent into scanning the cards I have in my own collection. Today's update offers a smorgasbord of cards. Every update brings me closer to completing some of these categories.

Good luck find a MIB original Japanese Beast Wars Terrorsaur. Show accurate = big money. Luckily I kept the card after I sold off the toy.




The Telemocha Beast Wars cards have a shiny foil front and they just don't like to be scanned! If I can figure out a way to get a better image of the cards' front then I'll update the scans.





Henkei! Henkei! was one of those lines that I originally was compelled to buy (nearly) everything. The rest of the cards I have are filed away in a binder so expect more to be scanned in at a later point.












Gentei! Thundercracker

Gentei! Wildrider

Gentei! Strafe

I opted to take the cheaper route and purchase Alternates over Binaltech, but a member was gracious enough to hook me up with a few of the Binaltech cards.









Ah, Kiss Players. It's like that stain you just can't get out. At one point I had a complete collection, but wanting to stay married I decided to part with all but Convoy.




If you only buy one Superlink toy, make it Galvatron G


Before I went crazy buying Henkei! toys, I found myself importing darn near the entire Galaxy Force series. To date I still find these cards some of the most visually pleasing.








The Sports Label line consisted of 3 whole figures and this was the last.


The Robot Masters cards are actually part of a cardboard insert in the package and required to be cut out. Yup, I didn't hesitate to cut them out!


When Fub Publications started the Transformers Collector's Club (TFCC), the annual free figure came with these business size cards. The front featured a nice lenticular picture of the character while the back sported a very in depth bio.