Beast Wars (Japan)

Takara released the first year's worth of Hasbro's Beast Wars toys before taking the franchise a different direction with Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo. Many of the toys (but not all) had updated, more show accurate decos.

Convoy / Optimus Primal C-01

White Claw / Polar Claw C-02

Cheetus / Cheetor C-03

Rattle / Rattrap C-05

 Convobat C-06

Convobat CD-ROM Exclusive

Rhinox C-07

Tigatron C-08

Howlinger C-09

Waspeeter / Waspinator D-03

Megalliagtor CD-ROM Exclusive

Tarans / Tarantulas D-04

Terrorsaur D-05

Shadow Panther D-07

Kuwagiger / Insecticon D-10

Inferno D-11

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