Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Japanese G1 Update featuring e-Hobby exclusives & Encore

All of the cards in today's update come from my personal collection. Even though I owned most of these G1 toys already, I couldn't help myself back when these releases were new to buy up every single one. Of course the inclusion of a new bio card just may have influenced my decision to buy as well! ( =

All of these card scans will be cataloged under their respective categories. Hope you all enjoy all the work that has been put in place here thus far. Stay tuned as there is still much more work to be done!

Flip Sides is a e-Hobby exclusive and came packaged with Twincast. She is labeled as a Cybertron/Autobot, but is actually a Destron/Decepticon sleeper agent!

Magnificus is another e-Hobby exclusive and is based on his original Micro Change color scheme. The toy comes partnered with a Microman figure, Ga'mede. This was done as a celebration of the shared history between the Takara and each franchise.

RoadHauler, hands down one of the best e-Hobby exclusives made to date. I still refer to him simply has Hauler. I jumped on the opportunity to grab Hauler (and Sunstorm since they were sold as a set) back in the summer of 2003.

Clamp Down (and his packaged partner, Deep Cover) were the only two e-Hobby exclusives I didn't buy new. Years later I regretted that decision and tracked down Clamp Down. I'm still on the look out for Deep Cover.

Road Rage is the female body guard of Cross Cut, who conveniently were sold as a two back in the summer of 2002. Her color scheme is based on her Diaclone counterpart.

Cross Cut is yet another new G1 character created by e-Hobby. A redeco'd Skids, the head sculpt is based on the Diaclone version of the mold.

After Blaster / Broadcast found himself defeated, he was rebuilt as Twincast. This is the e-Hobby release of his card.

In 2007, Takara created yet another re-issue series of Generation One toys - Encore. Unlike previous reissued figures, these came in packaging very similar to their original packaging.

 #01 Convoy

#03 Soundwave

 #05 Ironhide

 #07 Sky Lynx

 #08 Meister / Jazz

 The 10th release was actually a gift set of sorts featuring Minibots
#10 Bumble / Bumblebee

 #10 Outback

#10 Pipes 

 #10 Tailgate

 #10 Wave

 Both Skywarp and Thundercracker were sold in a two pack.
#11 Skywarp

 #11 Thundercracker

 #13 Trailbreaker

 #15 Great Cassette Operation
#15 Eject

 #15 Rewind

 #15 Buzzsaw

#15 Jaguar / Ravage

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