Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dr. Wu and Mech Ideas added to the 3rd Party section

I keep coming across stacks of cards from my own purchases that I need to scan, however I have more in front of me to work on than I do time it seems. I've added two new categories to the 3rd Party section of the database: Dr. Wu and Mech Ideas. While both sections only have one entry at this time, I'm hoping this will grow like the other categories have over time.

This Vanguard card came with a set up upgraded blasters for Classics Thundercracker. I regret not buying the other sets in this series now as they make the figure that much better and come with these awesome cards!

From the canceled Mach 5 release, Mech Ideas picked up both Gauntlet and Piston. Gauntlet here is heavily inspired by IDW's design of the Wrecker, Ironfist.

Keeping with the 3rd party theme, I finally found the other two "Insecticon" cards from FansProject.

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