Thursday, July 2, 2015

Turtler D-312

I just love how things spread through the fandom. While I do post my updates to this project on social media (namely Facebook and Twitter), I really wasn't sure how many people I was reaching. Everyone in awhile I'd get a Tweet favored and shared by Maz or someone else, but just how far reaching my work was I had no clue.

Well about a month ago I got an e-mail from Colin Pringle, aka Specimen-17 on eBay and in the various places online in the fandom. He was asking if I knew a fair price for the Seacon Turtler's bio card. Well it just happened to be one of the cards I needed for the database as the boxed Turtler I bought a few years ago was missing the bio card.

Colin graciously agreed to send over a copy of the scan before he found a buyer. Now if there was only a way for me to start printing my own cards. Hmm...

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