Saturday, August 1, 2015

Massive Update & Botcon Overhaul

Its been awhile since I've been able to share my work here on the Database, but that doesn't mean people haven't been submitted scans or that I haven't updated anything.

Ben Yee from the awesome, sent over a slew of new Botcon tech spec scans. As I was uploading them it got me to thinking how crowded this section was getting. When the 3rd Party section became crowded, I broke everything up and gave each company their own section. I liked the way that worked out so I did the same w/ the Botcon / TFCC section. Now you'll find separate sections for the club exclusives, subscription exclusives as well as broken down into years for the different box sets and souvenir exclusives.

In addition to the reconstruction if you will, David Aguero filled my inbox up with some new Combiner Wars, 3rd Party and other scans. Chuck Liu sent over a very nice scan of G1 Masterforce Black Zarak, but I'm having a hard time getting the image edited where it doesn't lose it's image quality. Can anyone assist me w/ scaling and cropping these images that has more advanced photo editing software?

I've also added a few scans of my own to various sections of the database. Below are all the new images cobbled together. No witty commentary this time as time is very precious and something I don't have a lot of it seems these days!

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  1. Colbey on the scan losing detail it is not something that can be easily fixed. It was a low dpi scan. You need it re-scanned at a higher dpi.