Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BWTF sends some love

Benson Yee from BWTF.com fame sent over a few new scans for the Database around the holidays. I always love getting new submissions. Thanks to my friend Arkvander for helping out with cleaning up some of the images.

I've really enjoyed the cards packaged with the Combiner Wars toys and if the early image I saw of Titan Wars stays true, we have more cards in our future. I believe the Titan Wars cards will also have some sort of bio or tech specs on the backs too unlike these Combiner Wars cards.

All of these cards have been added to their respective categories.

OTFCC took the 4 For All G1 keychains and fashioned to new Autobots, Glyph and Tap Out. I own both of these, but just haven't found the time to scan the cards so a huge thanks to Benson!

I'll eventually buy both of these toys...when I can find them, but at least I won't have to scan the cards now!

I bought Thundercracker, but I'm skipping these two so I'm glad to at least have the images.

So glad to see Chop Shop getting some recent love by Hasbro. This new legion class Shockwave toy looks interesting too. Can't wait to find it at local retail.

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