Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reader Submissions

Roe reached out to me last week asking how he could help and after a few e-mails were exchanged he sent over the following card scans for the Database. Thank you so much Roe for the help. As a reminder, if you have cards that you don't see in the various sections of the Database, please send me an e-mail and we'll talk about getting those images uploaded.

I really wished the World's Smallest line would've continued a little longer than it did as these were fun little toys. While these aren't really cards, I do feel they deserve a spot in the Database.

This is from the late 2000 re-issue of the Destron's Emperor of Destruction himself, Megatron.

I believe this card of Soundwave marks the first Music Label entry into the Database. Speaking of that I'll need to add Music Label as a new category!

I don't have any experience with these D-Style model kits made by Kotobukiya so I had no idea they came packaged with bio cards! I've wanted to pick up the Thundercracker kit for my personal collection and now that I know a card is included gives me even more incentive to do so!

Finally we have yet another variation to one of KFC's cassettes, Night Stalker.


  1. FYI Sadly D-Style doesn't come with an actual card. The instruction manual cover is mocked up as a card. But i totally enjoyed the megs and assume the thundercracker will be as much fun.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the Kotobukiya release. All the same it's still very cool!

  2. DId you get the last scans I sent you last week?