Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Update: Robots In Disguise Tiny Titans, Titans Return & TFCC Exclusives

I know it's been awhile since there has been an update. It's not because there is a lack of cards to post, it's more of not having the time to stop and post updates. However I finally have a few things to add to the Database, courtesy of a few contributors.

Up first are the cards from the new Series 6 of Hasbro's blind packaged Robots in Disguise Tiny Titans courtesy of

I picked up a few packs of these last week while I was traveling and while the little PVC figures still leave a lot to be desired, I was glad to add the cards of Barrage, Nightstrike, Optimus Prime and Unicron to my personal TF card collection.

Up next are a few more submissions that Benson Yee ( graciously sent over. I've been looking for Sky Lynx for myself and recently found him for $13.99 at a Ross store!

I am buying most of the Takara Tomy versions of the Titans Return toys so I'm glad to get these card images for the Database. I do have to admit though I've been tempted to buy a few of the Hasbro releases just for the cards.

Last but not least, Bludgeon and Windsweeper from the Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service 4.0 have been added courtesy of Ben.

I've got a lot of submissions from David Aguero that are just waiting to be uploaded as well and I plan on getting those up in the next update very soon. Thanks again for everyone's support.

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