Friday, December 9, 2016

Galaxy Force makes it's Debut!

This week saw the Facebook page for this project hit 700 likes. I am thrilled so many people are interested in this project of mine that I wanted to say thank you by asking everyone what you wanted to see next. More G1 or something like Galaxy Force.

If you aren't familiar with Galaxy Force, it's the Japanese equivalent of the Cybertron series of toys. The bio cards for the Galaxy Force toys are some of the most beautiful cards to date in my opinion. I loved them so much that I imported nearly the entire series in the mid-2000's.

I love the different planets that were incorporated into the design, the planet's name vertically on the left side of the card. I even like the yellow border.

It takes a while for me to scan the cards so bear with me as I pull out my own collection and get underway, but for now here are the first 9 that are ready.

This "promo" card was packaged with an special Mystery Force Chip and was a Toys 'R Us exclusive. Lord knows what I did w/ the Force Chip, but the card still remains a part of my collection.

GC-01 Galaxy Convoy himself. I was super psyched when I first saw this design. Still one of my favorite versions of the Convoy/Optimus character.

GC-02 Exillion, better known as Hot Shot in the Cybertron series.

GC-03 Vector Prime. I wasn't sure what to make of this character when he was first announced. The name along was enough to make me curious.

GC-04 Dreadrock, better known as Jetfire in the Cybertron series. This is one release that I skipped importing originally as I wasn't sure about the alt mode, but eventually I caved and picked him up.


GC-05 Jackshot. This character was meant for greater thing later in the series (Ligerjack).

GC-06 Backpack. I always had a thing for the smaller "scout" class toys and Backpack was an early favorite of mine. His later form I would also really enjoy.

GC-07 Micron Team. When the Armada series began and introduced Mini-Cons into the TF mythos, I was hooked. Needless to say I was thrilled to see the Mini-Cons being brought back in some fashion in the Galaxy Force / Cybertron series.

GC-10 Nitro Convoy. When the catalog numbers and names were first released for the toys I couldn't figure out why there were multiple Convoy characters. Turns out the respective leader from each planet was a Convoy. Nitro Convoy hailed from the Speedia planet.

As you can see from the numbering, I'm missing a few cards: GC-08 Auto Micron Team and GC-09 Guardshell. I have others that I'm missing as well and I hope that someone viewing this post can help me out with a high quality submission.

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