Friday, March 9, 2018

An Update That's All Over the Board!

It's obviously been awhile since I've posted an update and I apologize for the delay to the contributors that sent in stuff back in January. However, I found the time to do a little work so let's get to it. Today's update contains new card scans from several different lines.

For starters I got a nice batch of Power of the Primes card images from Malin Huffman, a long time fan of Transformers. If I'm not mistaken, Benson Yee of sent Malin my way and I really appreciate the help!

My long time friend, Arkvander, sent me yet another version of Power of the Primes Dreadwind's card.

Finding new Transformers in my neck of the woods has been challenging at best, but I finally found one half of the Duocon Battletrap.

Summer of '17 I purchased this awesome Beast Wars Masterpiece toy from Duron Land (aka Weird Wolf via the TYLP Podcast). Interesting enough, this card has a matte finish while the next figure in the line (Cheetor) had a glossy card.

Sunstreaker is one of my favorite G1 characters so I was ecstatic to finally get a hold of a proper Masterpiece figure. Hated the higher price, but love the toy. The artwork on the card is equally as beautiful.

Benson Yee sent these Transformers Collector's Club 5.0 subscription service tech spec cards some time ago.

While these aren't really cards, I recently found these Cybertron stickers while working in my office. These were originally packed in with the Hasbro toys and I thought they'd make a nice addition to the Database.

Not many of the movie toys included cards, but Jesse Frank Costar found this one and sent the actual card my way.

I know nothing of the 3rd party company, MGS, but again Jesse Frank Costar sent this card over to me as well.

I found a listing for this ToyWorld Bii card on eBay for just a buck and quickly snatched it up.

Last by not least, GTLC previously submitted a few Power of the Prime scans and this time he sent me a few Mastermind Creations scan of Anubis and Calidus. I'll gladly take 3rd party scans anytime!

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