Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New submissions from David Aguero, Benson Yee and Lejam Onerock

Over the last week or so my inbox has been filled up with new card images to add to the database! I'll keep saying as I never want someone to think that I'm not grateful for all the help. THANK YOU! The submissions this time come from David Aguero, Benson Yee and Lejam Onerock.

Up first are a handful of Combiner Wars cards submitted by none other than Benson Yee. You may know Benson from his awesome TF site, I own several of these toys, yet I'm the guy that it takes forever to open new purchases so I've yet to actually scan the cards myself.




David Aguero, blogger at Transformers Obsession, provided me with a few official Hasbro / Takara stuff and some more 3rd party cards.










And last, but certainly not least is the submission from Lejam Onerock. Lejam contacted me out of the blue on Facebook and offered up the art work he supplied Mastermind Creations for their Hexatron ("not Sixshot") release. Beautiful, simply beautiful!


With the database growing as it is, I'm already starting to experience some "growing pains". I may be giving the site a small tweak, such as giving the toy bio cards a separate area from the traditional non-toy trading cards. The 3rd party section is growing too so I may break that up into it's own page with sub-categories for the larger 3rd party companies. 

In addition to trying to catalog as many of these card images as possible, I want to do it in a way that looks good and makes it easy to find what you may be looking for. Of course this is work I gladly take on as it means this humble project has been successful and is growing! Thanks for everything guys!

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