Sunday, June 7, 2015

RID Tiny Titans Series 3

Lewis M. Brooks from strikes again, this time with scans of the upcoming series 3 RID Tiny Titans! Just as with past series', the characters selected are just the new Robots in Disguise characters. RID, G1 and Beast Wars are all represented in some fashion in this series.

Staying with the RID theme however, we have 5 new entries - 2 Autobot and 3 Decepticon. Personally I'm really digging the Decepticons...even Springload!



The G1 cast has a nice mix of characters, even if it is Autobot heavy. We get another G1 Optimus Prime, however this time he is sporting his Energon Axe as seen in classic More than Meets the Eye TV episodes. What really caught me by surprise was the inclusion of two of three Monsterbots. Apparently the name Doublecross is yet the latest Transformers name casualty, though for one I really like the substitute name Hasbro came up with. Twinferno...has a nice ring to it and it also matches the character quite well. Rounding out G1 is the lone Decepticon, Shockwave.




The lone Beast Wars representative is none other than Megatron in his first form. Love the art work, too bad the little PVC toy sucks.

Say what you will about these releases, I'm digging them for the cards if nothing else. The toys are very hit and miss and I encourage you to read Mark's review of each series of Tiny Titans. Personally I'm just buying what I like first and selling the figures. Because I have a weakness for trading cards I may end up breaking down and buying more and try to complete each series. Until then, thanks for checking out the Database!

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