Sunday, June 28, 2015

Car Robots (and Takara Beast Wars) scans added

What Transformers fan was excited when it was announced that vehicular Transformers were least in Japan at the time. I imported just about everything from this series. I've just got to find the rest of the cards.

I opted to buy the JRX giftset so I originally didn't have the cards from these individual releases. As you can see I'm still missing J-Seven C-013's card.

As with JRX, I too skipped the individual releases of the Build Team and purchased the Build King giftset. I'm not even sure how I got this card of Build Typhoon!

Of course the Destrongers in the series were still animal based, but at least Takara chose some of the better Beast Wars toys to repaint for the Car Robots series. Guildo may have a stupid name, but I love his new color scheme.

And before I forget, one more new original Beast Wars card of the crazy, yet loyal Inferno!

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