Friday, May 20, 2016

Unicron Trilogy, RID Tiny Titans, KT Figure Collection & More!

Frequent contributor David Aguero is back at it! This time around he sent over a selection of scans from the Unicron Trilogy (Armada and Energon), KT Collection and a few other things. David has been a big part of providing a lot of content for this project so make sure you stop by his own Transformers site when you have time.

The Armada series kind of kicked off the inclusion of character bio cards packaged with Hasbro releases...even though technically these are cards and are just stickers.

By the time Energon rolled in after Armada, the stickers were now replaced with cards. These cards had actual tech spec rankings on the back, but no bio.

Sonokong released many of Takara's Beast Wars II toys in parts of Korea and as a result the bio cards were different than the Japanese Takara counterparts.

Gentei! Gentei! Electro Disrupter Liger, this release was only available with the purchase of the Transformers Generations 2009 book.

Is it odd that Hasbro chose to release Scattershot as the only lone packaged Technobot in the Combiner Wars series?

Series 5 Robots in Disguise Tiny Titans. Gotta admit, wasn't sure if this set would last this long.

The KT Figure Collection was only released in Japan as a joint venture betweem Kaiyodo and Takara. Up until David sent these scans over I had no idea these little PVC "figures" came with cards.

The lone 3rd party submission this time around comes from BTS Toys and their modern take on Soundwave, Sonicron. Loved the idea, but the execution of the toy left a lot to be desired!

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