Monday, November 24, 2014

Beast Wars II - Cybertrons

I had already established that I was importing toys I already owned just to get the included bio card, so to say I was excited over the Beast Wars II series is an understatement. The animal based Transformers were the main stay by now, but instead of sticking with what Hasbro was doing in the west, Takara opted to take a different route and released Beast Wars II - a wholly new television series and toy line for the Japanese market.

Of course the trading card sized bio cards would make a return, this time with the front of the card featuring CGI of the character over top a real world photo background. The back of the cards are a little busy for me, but the front of the cards are beautiful.

 Lioconvoy C-01

One of the cooler versions of Convoy, this character would also play a part during the Robot Masters series. He would also receive a new deluxe size toy based on this mold.

 Apache C-12

Always loved this toy. Convincing looking beast mode, articulated robot mode with a bonus gun platform transformation. Plus his Japanese name trumps is U.S. name, B'Boom.

 Bigmos C-17

Leave it that one of the smallest animals (mosquito) would receive one of the larger toys in the line.

 Drillnuts C-21

Released as the Predacon Drill Bit in Hasbro's Beast Wars, I much prefer the muted color scheme of Drillnuts.

 Mantis C-20

Part of the mariachi like Insectron group, this guy just doesn't look convincing as a good guy.

 Powerhug C-18

Liojunior C-26 

One part of Magnaboss X-4

 Santon C-28

One part of Magnaboss X-4

 DJ C-23

One part of Tripledacus X-3

 Motorarm C-24

One part of Tripledacus X-3

 Gimlet C-25

One part of Tripledacus X-3

Ikard X-5

Ikard came packaged with the awesome Taktotank and is a repaint of Scuba / Claw Jaw.

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