Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Heroes of Cybertron

I've finally found the time to pull out my Transformers card binder and start tackling the daunting task of scanning the hundreds of cards I have. I decided to start with one of the smaller series of cards, Heroes of Cybertron. After getting these scanned in it left me with the feeling that a few cards are missing from my binder, but for now enjoy these latest additions.


Is it just me or does it look like Prime's mouth plate is blue?



Did you catch that Perceptor has two differently colored hands?





You probably noticed the art on the Sunstorm card looks different (better) than the others. That is because it was an exclusive to the Official Transformers Collector's Club (OTFCC) event in 2003. 3H Enterprises had signed a two year deal with the hotel/convention center in Rosemont, IL so to entice patrons to pre-register for the 2004 show, Sunstorm was given away as that incentive to go ahead and commit for the following year. The toy itself is a simply repaint of the Heroes of Cybertron Starscream toy. I believe Dan Khanna supplied the nice artwork for the card.


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