Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warbotron makes it's debut

Earlier this year I made a trade for my complete TFC Uranos (not-Aerialbots) to a friend of mine for the upcoming Warbotron "not-Bruticus" set. Little did I know back in March that I would have to wait until October to get my hands on any of the toys. Well last weekend I finally got the first three figures that have been released, thus I have 3 new cards to add to the 3rd Party category! I may start working on reviews for these Warbotron toys as well over on my main site for those who are interested.

I also had a wedding to attend up in the mountains of NC this past weekend. My wife needed to stop at Walmart for a few things. After hitting the action figure aisle it was apparent to me that 1) either the pegs of Transformers were just restocked, or 2) there are no collectors living in Morganton, NC! I found certain Generations figures for the first time in person - Tailgate and Skrapnel as well as newest wave of deluxes. I opted for Windblade after my friends telling me how cool she is in the IDW comics. A review of her will be in the works as well.




Despite the misspelled words on Warbotron's packaging, these cards match the beauty of the toys themselves. Thick plastic cards, these look great in person and I can't wait to finish off the set.

I'm looking forward to catching up on my IDW reading so I can get a better sense as to who Windblade is. I've become really picky about what modern TFs I buy these days, ultimately choosing her since she is a new opposed to buying say Nightbeat that is found in the same wave.

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