Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Henkei! Beast Wars and more

I was a huge fan of the Classics line of toys. I bought just about every Hasbro release. Then in typical Takara fashion they took the line to the next level. More accurate paint apps, premium paint and of course collector cards. I made the transition to buying the Henkei! releases over the Hasbro releases almost instantly. I've got a lot more of the cards to scan, but here are a few for starters.

Bumblebee C-02

Ratchet C-14

Red Alert C-20

Smokescreen C-21


Ghost Starscream

Credit Card Campaign

Convoy C-01

Kuwugiger D-10

Notice the name in the background is in English? All of Takara's Beast Wars cards featured the English names as well.

Megatron D-40

I wasn't sure if I should try to scan the front side of the Beast Wars Metals cards since they feature lenticular images. These are probably some of my least favorite Beast era cards, but I'll include as many as I can find.

Tracks BT-06

I didn't feel the need to buy a lot of Binaltech, but Tracks was a must own...even in yellow. My affinity towards Corvettes goes back to my late father.

Black Convoy D-012

Oh boy, this card brings back lots of good memories. The Car Robots line was such a fun change of pace from the Beast era. The inclusion of G2 era molds to mix things up just made the line that much more fun.

Galaxy Convoy T.H.S.-01

I really wish Takara had kept the Hybrid line going longer than 2 figures. These toys just proved that good things can come in small packages.

Convoy T.H.S.-02B (eHobby exclusive)

This toy was purchased during my phase of "must buy any and all Transformers, especially exclusives".

Smokesniper RM-13

This was the last Robot Masters toy I needed to complete the collection. Still love this mold.

Optimus Prime P-001

Another Sega arcade card.

Thundercracker MP-07

The one Masterpiece toy I wanted to import, but didn't.

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