Thursday, October 2, 2014

New additions - Go!, World's Smallest, Animated Sega Arcade Cards and more

I had a chance recently to grab another handful of cards at home and get them scanned and entered into the database. Remember you can see what has already been cataloged by clicking on the various categories to the left.

I knew I had a few more of the 2003 Takara cards when I scanned in the first batch. Still not any closer to discovering any background info on these.



A few more Headmasters cards from semi-recent acquisitions of mine.


Another Beastformer!


Added a World's Smallest category. Not technically cards, but close enough for me! More of these to come soon as I find my others.

Earlier this year an Australian company called Goldie Marketing released a set of collectible figures and cards. There were cards and figures for select G1, movie and Prime characters. The backs of the cards feature a 3D lenticular image of either G1 Optimus Prime or G1 Megatron.

These Animated cards were manufactured in conjunction with Sega for an arcade game that was released in Japan. I have more of these once I can put my hands on them.




I was surprised when I opened the Go! Swordbot characters to find these cards. Unfortunately there is nothing on the back of the cards.


I know there have been collectible trading card games released in Japan and I'm not sure if this card is part of one of those sets or not. I was packaged in with the exclusive Dark of the Moon Vortex toy.

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