Thursday, October 9, 2014


Through the gentle and suggestive pushes of a prominent member of the Transformers community, I've decided to slowly work in some full blister card back scans. These scans will have their own subsection underneath the category listings on the left. It'll be slow to expand as I'm still working on adding as many card scans as I possibly can, but I do find the blister card scans appropriate.

I've also added a new Botcon & TFCC category where the tech spec cards included with the Botcon, Collector's Club and Subscription Service will be cataloged.

Adding these new sections will require more work and effort on my part so I again ask for your assistance. Cards, Botcon related tech spec cards or fill blister card back scans are now welcomed. In the end I hope everyone finds these new additions helpful and it increases your enjoyment of this project.

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