Thursday, January 15, 2015

More submissions from David Aguero

David Aguero is at it again! I got another e-mail recently full of card scans. This go around includes cards from Takara's Go! series along with plenty of 3rd party offerings. As always, a huge thank you goes to David. This is what I was hoping would happen when I undertook this task of creating the database.

If you'd like to help out too, even if it's submitting one card or 100 cards, click the link on the left to find out how you can help.

Transformers Go! Sensuimaru G-20

I actually have this toy, bought it new shortly after it was released last summer...but like a lot of my new purchases it still sits in my room, unopened. I have every intention of opening the toy and even trying to work up a review for my other blog, Random Toy Reviews...but there is only so much time in each day.

What I found odd about the Go! series was that not every toy came packaged with a card. As far as I can tell only the boxed figures came with cards.

 Highoumaru G-10

Not too sure about this guy, but he was needed to complete the Shinobi team.

Masterpiece Frenzy & Buzzsaw MP-16

I opted for the Hasbro release of Masterpiece Soundwave so I'm happy that David submitted this card of the MP cassettes.

Combiner Wars Skydive

My Combiner Wars Aerialbots are waiting to be opened as well. Perhaps I'll put that on this weekend's agenda.

I wasn't aware that Art Feather's products came with cards so this was a pleasant surprise.

FansProject Backfiery CA-05

Love what FP did with the Insections, especially with Kickback.

KFC D.A.I. Commander Stack

Diaclone homage

I've currently got a stack of my own cards sitting here beside me that I'm working on scanning and editing. More to come soon!

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