Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beast Wars Neo fully updated

To this day Beast Wars Neo stands up as one of my favorite Transformers series. While I've never seen the accompanying anime, I love the toys. Big Convoy and Magmatron are far more interesting to me than Lioconvoy and Galvatron were from Beast Wars II. I love how the Destrons were primarily dinosaurs. The choices of animals for the Cybertrons is eclectic. Who would have ever thought that a transforming giraffe could be pulled off so well? I'm on a few cards shy of having a complete set. One of these days I'll get around to picking up those last few cards if for no other reason than to complete the Database.


Big Convoy is truly an impressive and massive toy. Since it's original release in Japan, the mold has been released in the Universe series as Nemesis Prime and again by the Transformers Collector's Club as Ultra Mammoth.


Break is the epitome of a shellformer. A very basic toy, yet it's full of charisma. He also has a Targetmaster-like alternate form.


Bump is a repainted Beast Wars Armorhide. Features the spring loaded flip transformation gimmick.


Cohrada has that Spanish conquistador vibe going on. One of two snake Transformers that I'm aware of (the other being Beast Machines' Night Viper).


Hands down one of the best animal based Transformers. Longrack features the unlikely animal choice of a giraffe, but the toy was executed oh so well. Longrack would later receive a homage in the Galaxy Force / Cybertron series.


Mach Kick, the black stallion. Is his tail the only Transformer that has real rooted hair? I always remember this toy has being very challenging to transform.


The award for most interesting name goes to this character, Randy. First used as Razorbeast in Hasbro's Beast Wars, this is one of the basic sized toys with the automorph transformation gimmick. Beware today if you purchase this toy as it is notorious for literally falling apart thanks to Gold Plastic Syndrome (GPS).


Rockbuster switched factions from Hasbro's Beast Wars. Awesome little basic sized crab with hidden weapons inside his claws.


Sharpedge uses the same mold as the original Cybershark, but with some remolded differences to the beast head.


Never cared too much for the little jackrabbit, Stampy.


Survive was one of the last figures released in the Neo series. First released as Polar Claw / White Claw, the darker color scheme fits the toy much better.


Magmatron is a very interesting character and toy. Comprised of 3 different dinosaurs, this toy would eventually see release under the Beast Machines series as a Target store exclusive.


Arachadis was one of the few toys I initially skipped over, finally picking up the toy when it was released in Takara's 10th anniversary series.


Bazooka too this day seems hard to find on the secondary market. Not quite a shellformer, this little guy is pretty cool. He was later released as Slapper in the Walmart exclusive Dinobot series released around the same time as Armada.


Crazybolt first appeared in Hasbro's Beast Wars series as Iguanus. One of the few Neo toys that features the spring loaded automorph transformation gimmick.


Dead End is a marvelous toy, but also very frustrating. Another classic shellformer, this sea ammonite stands out as one of the more interesting beast era Transformers.


The Guiledart mold has gone on to be used a lot, most recently as the Dinobot Slug from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.


Hardhead reuses the original Dinobot mold with a new dino head. This mold would also be released in the Dinobot subseries of Beast Machines as Dinotron.

 Killerpunch was the last release in the series and can still command some serious money on the secondary market. A retool of Guiledart, this is a fantastic toy.


The Saberback mold has always been one of my least favorite of the beast era dinosaurs. I guess it's the ceremonial head dress the robot wears that sours things for me.


Sling was a new basic sized toy introduced in Neo. His spine could be folded down to act as a trap.


One of Unicron's Blendtrons, Drancon is a recolored Hasbro Beast Wars Fuzor Skyshadow.


Elephorca seems to be the most in demand of the 3 Blendtrons. This mold was first used by Hasbro as one of their Fuzor's, Torca.

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