Friday, September 5, 2014

A new venture!

Welcome to my latest venture.  This month, 5 years ago I launched my very first blog, Random Toy Reviews.  It was an outlet for me to share my thoughts on various toys from my own collection.  Any time I'd review a Transformer, especially a Japanese release, I'd think about the included trading card style tech specs and how much I love them.  Being a sports card card collector, I guess it just comes natural that I'd like to collect these Transformers bio cards as well.

Over the years I had always wanted to try and catalog the cards in a fashion where I could share them with people.  I've seen countless Transformers tech spec sites and databases, but seldom does much attention get paid to the cards themselves.  Well after thinking about this idea for sometime I've finally decided it was time to put the idea into action and create something.  I'm sure they'll be changes to the page as I go along, but I hope people enjoy the premise none the less.

"Can I help?" 

Yes you can!  While I already have a lot of cards from the various Beast Wars, Micron Densetsu and Galaxy Force releases, there are a lot of items I don't have.  Even a lot of the 3rd party releases these days come with cards.  If you have any bio cards lying around and have a scanner, send me a quick e-mail letting me know what you have.  If it is something that I don't, then you can send me the high quality, unedited image.  Of course proper credit will be given on the site.

It may take me a few days or even weeks to get some real content posted, so I ask that you bookmark the page and check back often.  I'll try to also list updates on my Random Toy Reviews blog as well.  This will be extra work for me, but it will be a labor of love.

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