Saturday, September 13, 2014


In Japan, Takara opted to take the toys we know as Battle Beasts, and make it into a subline of Headmasters. Beastformers initially were packaged in G1 like packaging with the animals divided into the Cybertron and Destron factions. This practice would continue for 2 more years, however the packaging did eventually drop the cool G1 grid pattern style. The bio cards can be found in 3 varieties. 1) TF grid background, 2) nature background and 3) new artwork w/ a nature background.

I was able to grab several new Beastformers from Big Bad Toy Store's table at a Botcon (or was it OTFCC?) show many, many years ago. $10 each. Man I wish I had bought all of them! I didn't realize however that they too came with bio cards!  I thought about cataloging these cards under Headmasters, but I ultimately decided to give them their own category.

 #01 White Leo (Pirate Lion) - version 1

 #08 Elephan (Sledgehammer Elephant) - version 1

 #14 Wildthunder (Swiny Boar) - version 1

 #18 Yellow Giraffe (Rubberneck Giraffe) - version 1

 #16 Beafox (Sly Fox) - version 2

 #02 Big Serow (Deer Stalker) - version 2

 #15 Alligatron (Gruesome Gator) - version 1

 #05 Killer Fish (Killer Carp) - version 1

 #06 Snakebomb (Triple Threat Snake) - version 1

 #12 Devilbat (Blitzkrieg Bat) - version 2

 #52 Ultragas (Pew-Trid Skunk) - version 3

 #103 Slag King - Laser Beast

By the time Laser Beasts (Shadow Beasts in the US) were released, they had dropped all ties with Transformers. I only have one card so I thought I'd share it anyhow.

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