Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Japanese G1 - Cybertrons

Being a card collector I have a lot of my cards tucked away in pages and binders. I knew I had a Transformers binder, but had a hard time digging it out from underneath all my baseball card stuff. I finally managed to get my hands on the binder and began scanning as many of the cards as I could.

Today's post features some Japanese G1 love - Cybertron edition. This doesn't represent all the cards I have, but it's all that were in the binder. Any serious card collector can empathize with me as I have way too many stacks of cards on my computer desk at home. The Destrons will get their own post later this week. I'm positive I have more there, but for now enjoy.

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One of my early collecting goals (and one that still exists) is collecting the individually boxed Scramble City teams. The Technobots were always one of my favorite combiner teams. I own Scattershot now, but sadly it didn't come with the card. Still on the lookout for a boxed Strafe.




I bought three boxed Throttlebots for next to nothing years ago. There is just something about the smaller, compact packaging that I love.



I own 3 of the 6 Trainbots. These were some of my earliest Japanese G1 purchases. The other one I own (Yukikaze) is sealed and I'm not sure when or if I'll ever open it.

The Multiforce toys had their cards printed on the inside flaps of the toys. I purchased these off someone else years ago.

I believe Masterforce was the last series that featured individual tech spec cards. I love the horizontal look of these, especially since the alternate mode is featured on the front.

Lightfoot possibly has the best artwork from any G1 toy in my opinion.

This is another card that was clipped from the inner packaging that I purchased years ago.

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