Saturday, September 6, 2014

e-Hobby - Shot Hole, Salvo, Zaptrap

I still remember picking up this set from TFSource's table at a Botcon in the mid 2000's.  I actually had to send my wife back in to the dealer room after we had gone back to our hotel room, as I forgot to take part of a special TFSource was running at the time.  I love the Diaclone color scheme of the Insections and even though this is the original G1 artwork recolored, they still look beautiful.  Notice how the Japanese designation number isn't listed on the front in typical fashion?  Since these guys obviously didn't have numbers originally, Takara pigeon holed these into the numbering system using numbers that weren't originally used.  Shot Hole aka Kickback was given 73, Salvo aka Bombshell was given 74 while Zaptrap aka Shrapnel was given 75.

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